четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

I use this vacuum cleaner for more than five months. Bought it is, because the Internet a lot of positive feedback, but still many cheaper (and with old dust bag).
Stamps are not afraid, because I use a http://www.synergycomposites.com/ blender of this company, and it works very well for many years, no problem.
Now I can already say, not wasted money. They wrote in a review that stinks a bit plastic. I agree, it is at the beginning, is now nothing. And I have enough cord length. Suction power (not consumption 1800W) is a huge - 400 watts. Even the Samsung, in this respect, rests, and is exactly twice as much. Therefore, it is nice and clean removes everything. The first time, just after the shock was seen cleaning the water (such as frequently and clean).

The air after cleaning really clean and fresh.

I know four of my friends who have bought the same and everyone is happy. I know another friend, who bought expensive Tomson detergent and is not happy.
Filter missing for a long time, compare the filters on the photo (top new).
Never buy a vacuum cleaner with bags. They are a lot of dust (even if not a bag and container), to buy the right bag is difficult to change, pay the extra money.

When it came to choosing a vacuum cleaner, I proshesterila bunch of sites with the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cleaners with bags, with aqua filters, cleaning and other functions. Select was difficult, given the fact that prior to moving, we used a vacuum cleaner with a container, once in 2 months I have it washed and it was hell, or he badly pulled, as his grandfather was a vacuum cleaner with bags to wash, there is always after the cleaner stench was. Plus I noticed myself that after vacuuming dust appeared on the shelves, while wiping her often just before the very process.

Their choice, I stopped on Hoover, although I've never used this company.

Why? At first just before buying, I visited with a friend, which as it turned out was a washing vacuum cleaner, which was with aqua filter. It so happened that I had waited until she was vacuuming, and I did not feel any smell of dust after cleaning, it is of interest to me most, because I love the smell of freshness.

Vacuum Cleaner I did not need, small apartment, and I found at an affordable price and good reviews, this vacuum cleaner - Hoover.

vacuum cleaner itself is easy, not very noisy (former rustled louder). Color like red but the store did not have it, but it's stuff.

The special container filled with water (about 600 ml, the container has a max and a min controller) dust, and when the vacuum cleaner operates all of the dirt and dust goes into the water, so the airflow no dust enters and comes out, and all the flies in a water.

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